Additional Services



Besides the basic home inspections and pre-sale inspections, we do offer additional services for testing and checking residences.

The breathability of the air in your home is important. We have invested in the right equipment to test for gases and particles that can cause health issues. We also check your septic lines for a variety of issues. We perform the tests that are vital to the well-being of you and your home.

Additional Testing

Radon Testing

We test the levels of the radioactive cancer-causing gas.

Mold Testing

We collect 2 interior and 1 exterior air samples to check the levels of potential mold spores. We can take physical samples to find out what kind of mold it is.

Septic Scope Testing

We use a camera to inspect your septic lines for breakage and blockage. We determine the line material used and its condition. The septic dye test tells us if your fill lines are functioning properly.

Pool Inspections

Is your pool in need of maintenance?

Having a home with a pool can seem like a dream! However, pools come with a lot of maintenance and need a fair amount of attention. We can inspect your pool and make sure it’s working properly or look for what you might need to repair.

We inspect:

➥ Anti-Vortex Drain Covers
➥ GFCI Protection
➥ Pump & Supply Lines
➥ Heaters
➥ Lights
➥ Pool Liner
➥ Deck & Patio Areas
➥ Fencing
➥ Gauges
➥ Structure
➥ Tiling
➥ Filters

HVAC Inspection

A/C or Heating Issues? We Find Them!

We will thoroughly inspect your HVAC system to determine its condition. We inspect all types of units from package systems on your roof, to split systems in your yard. We age the system, inspect the condition and type of ductwork, the line set, gas lines, flue piping, and test the temperature differential.